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Welcome to Von Z-Max Rottweilers were we have some of the nicest German and European bloodlines for Rottweilers today.

Our goal is to produced high quality rottweilers that are genetically sound in health and temperament, that will be true to the F.C.I. World Rottweiler breed standard but can also compete in all working and conformation venues.

Von Z-Max Rottweilers possess excellent breed type with outstanding bone and substance plus, will always be Sporting our blocky signature Z-Max head style. They will be very athletic and capable of all canine sports and venues but most of all they are true companions for all homes.

Our goal is to produce dogs of the hightest quality, following the F.C.I. and the German A.D.R.K. breed standards.

Von Z-Max Rottweilers is located in Summerfield, North Carolina. Breeding since 1995 producing with only German and European Rottweiler dogs.

When you want the finest in Rottweilers, give us a call (336) 601-9456

Affiliations: American Kennel Club ARV USRC ADRK FCI Canadian Kennel Club A.I.R.K. O.F.A. O.V.C.

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